Welcome Guardian! We need your help! Protect us from the evil armada trying to take control of our galaxy!!!

This game was incredibly difficult to make. The concepts for this game were relatively simple, however, the sheer number of assets to keep track of and understanding their purposes was just a lot to keep track of. For example, making the ball a collider and trigger was very confusing at times. I had made 10 scripts for this game and making sure all of them were working properly and attached to the correct gameobjects was confusing. Although, I was able to create an entrance animation, but even that was a struggle. The animation wouldn't properly work until I noticed its end position.

The primary things I learned in the making of this game include:

  • How to use particle systems
  • How to make animations
  • Change music between scenes
  • Make enemies move and fire back
  • Enable horizontal movement of player character
  • Destroy game objects
  • Display scores
  • Re-spawn Enemies

I'm glad I was able to complete this game, because many times I had to stop myself from assaulting a computer. But I still hope to make more to make my next games energetic and fun.

Made withUnity


newbrah.zip 11 MB

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