The Gods of hyper-death have escaped their imprisonment! Can you help us? Can you be our new Ephemeral Knight?!

Boy, this game was interesting to make. So, in this game I learned some fundamental concepts for unity. I learned how to Import assets, cause procedural scene changes, make a lose and win scene, create prefabs, make music play throughout the game and much more. Most of these concepts were pretty simple to do, thankfully, but even though this was my first encounter with them it's easy to see why I'll need a good grasp on them. The concept of triggers and collider seem simple at first, but after close inspection can either be pain enduring at the most or confusing at the least, it seems for now that I'll have to study up on them before I am ready to take on bigger more complex games.

The primary things I learned in the creation of this game include:

  • Add sound to minor actions
  • Create scenes for different endings
  • Maintaining music throughout scenes
  • Creating collisions
  • Triggering events
  • Creating and editing prefabs
  • Editing the shape of colliders
  • Setting up a good menu system

Things I added:

  • My own art assets
  • Music

This game was fun to make even though I'm terrible at playing it. The aspects that go into such a simple game are mind blowing. I can feel that this is just one small step in the way of game making, but I'm proud of what I was able to do.

Made withUnity


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I like this game but there is a problem. When the ball flies off on the top of the screen, nothing happens and you cant restart the level, but other than that, the game is great!