Baby Escape is a simple text based adventure surrounding a sassy toddler and their attempt to escape an endless daycare. The narrator for the game is the toddler the player plays as, so the descriptions tend to be rather unintelligent.

I made this game with the unity state machine. Each and every state was hand made and thought out before hand- which was relatively simple, but very tedious after a long period of time. So creating a wide spread story with multiple endings and levels prove to be rather difficult. This is my first game and this is where I learned how to manipulate text and import images. Making the text change and importing a spite were very easy and was some of the few things I got right away. I got the sound for the background from a website for kids music. I had to speed up the tempo with audacity to make the tune sound upbeat. I learned in this project how to create a text based game, how to input sound and images into a game.

What I have learned:

  • How to use finite state machine
  • How to initiate text change
  • Add sprites into the game scene
  • How to add background music

After finishing the game, I've found that text based games are rather sparse due to their overbearing need for special attention to detail. Though I enjoyed making the game, I don't see myself making anymore text based games for enjoyment. When searching for assets such as sounds and images, I suggest that if possible, just make it yourself. Searching for an asset is much harder than making the perfect one.

Made withUnity

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